Free short stories

Where I will provide short stories and serialized novels for your reading pleasure (I hope) and comments.

So far:

Too Late


Princeton’s Dancing Child


The House of the Vord

If you like my story and/or my writing, BUT… feel free to leave a comment or email me privately with your suggestion for improvement or your analysis of what’s wrong. I will read carefully, and may incorporate your suggestion/change what you think is wrong (if I do so, your name, if you wish, will end up in the acknowledgments page – so leave me information where I can ask you for permission). It would help a lot if you also tell me what you DO like to read and any general information about yourself you care to share: your tastes and opinions help me evaluate your comments.

If you don’t like my story and/or my writing, I’m sorry you wasted your time, and I hope that you will find better fodder for your reading habit in other places. I bid you adieu – no hard feelings – with gratitude that you stopped by at all – as you are not likely to return. Thanks.

All material on this page and in this blog is copyrighted. I own the copyright to all material I have created and posted on all the pages of this blog.
All fiction posted is registered with the US Copyright office, and all rights are reserved to the author.
Please do not use anything found on this site without the express written permission of the copyright owner.

Comments welcome and valued. Thanks!

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