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Comments left by readers:

Your post lured me into reading some of Pride’s Children, which I’d been meaning to do, but not gotten around to. 😉 Wow! Really great stuff! I kept saying to myself: “Just one more chapter. Oh! Just one more.” I finally dragged myself away at a much later hour in the evening than I’d planned!


And that poor sucker Andrew. Something’s wrong, but he wants her to know he’s not blaming her. No wonder you found this chapter difficult; this whole section is murder, emotionally speaking.

This section I am reading with the mental equivalent of curling into a small ball, with my chin pressed into my palms.


I can still remember my very first reaction to the massage scene, which was wandering around my house for ten minutes in an explosive daze, muttering “How do you kill any romantic possibilities and then TURN UP THE SEXUAL TENSION?!” It was very, very good. Epic, in fact.


I’m beginning to think “torture Rachel” is a terrible motto. Those five minutes after the spa, when they stood discussing Andrew’s scars…cruelty, Alicia. Cruelty!

Alicia, you’re driving me up the wall!


Thank you for visiting […]. My return visit had me entrapped in Prides Children and I haven’t GOT TIME, but maybe just a little more…supper time… must go…one more section… but just wanted to say its VERY GOOD, and what an ironic and sharp eye you have for le mot juste, and the silence pregnant. Very enjoyable, no sign of the damaged mind but I resonate strongly with your main character’s memory lapses and undefined connections of perfect lucidity…


I can see where PC is outside the typical mood and mode of romance genre, but at the same time it seems (so far at least) to be satisfying the requirements, which are (1) HEA and (2) a story where the romance IS the story. Which is not to say other things can’t be there or happen, plot/subplot wise, but ultimately the point is love. And if other things are going on then the love is key to resolving them.

…I will let you know if I hit places that seem flabby but i haven’t found any so far. That is also a sort of comment that works better when you have the whole story to work with – when a reader can say “oh THAT’S why that one scene was there”…or be able to say, “no that one scene is still kind of pointless.” [a typo or two is speared] Otherwise nothing, which to me is damned impressive since you’re showing the work as you write it vs. finishing, revising to ensure continuity, and then showing (which is what I do…no matter how much of a plotter I think I am, I bow to your method!).”

…I had meant to read up on it ages ago and just never did, so I glommed everything last week. Now i’m like, damn it, i have to WAIT for more?! Noooooooooooooooo
So just keep it up. No pressure of adoring fans or anything.


Really fun and compelling read! I will mete it out for myself…in chapters 🙂 There is a voyeuristic aspect to this that I enjoy: you are sharing inside information to which I am now somehow privy, and I want to know more. You navigate this arena–acting, theater, television, production–mostly unfamiliar to me, deftly.

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