Pride’s Children marketing and publishing plan for 2016

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To keep you all informed as to when your next fix will be available, I’m using this post to tell you what’s up in the two areas of interest.


Other authors would probably castigate me, but I’m depending only on current readers – and bread I’ve already cast upon the water – for the ripple effect, sales, and spreading the word.

Book 1 is a long book; I’m hoping there are people out there still reading who will eventually decide to write a review, tell a friend, or otherwise spread the word.

I know that’s a big responsibility, and I’m dumping it on my first readers – because I can’t handle it and to the other thing you want me to do:


All the futzing around on the internet, talking/writing to book bloggers, GoodReads folk, and everyone I know, is producing NO new novel.

Funny that.

I actually started a post entitled, “All the Reading in the World never produced a Novel.” It didn’t come out right, even though true, because, well, it’s so obvious.


As you know by now, I have limited energy. Spending it carefully crafting letters to Top 1000 Reviewers or Goodreads group moderators or blogging websites – which seemed a good idea at the time – has turned out to be a veritable time sink. It uses GOOD time – because you have to approach reviewers in a detailed personal way so they don’t feel (rightly) spammed.

I can do it – and have the usual return of investment rate (very low), EVEN when I’ve done it carefully.

These folks, lovely as they are, are highly sought out because of the power of reviews. So they are already under time pressure, and can only accede to occasional requests out of the many they receive, even those recommended by friends.

A disturbing number of them veer off into the quid-pro-quo direction – I’m not naming names. I can’t spend the time reading and commenting on the books of others – and still write. Again, healthy people might be able to do both – I can’t.


I’m choosing this route because, frankly, it’s what I really want to do. I want to find out not what happens (I know that), or how in general, but how in the particular – which means taking all the structure and the notes and the rough draft material and writing each scene the way I’ve come to find natural.

I’ve spent the past two weeks (in between bouts of refreshing the Amazon sales graphs which are basically sitting there with a couple of exceptions) immersing myself in the world I want to share with you.

It’s good – I can’t wait to get writing. I already produced the next Prothalamion (hint: a continuation of the same New Yorker article which began Book 1).

I’ve shoehorned into my original structure all the thoughts that occurred to me DURING the writing of Book 1 – so there will be a smooth transition and no gaps in the story – and that was satisfying. Authors KNOW when something has clicked (even if they’re later proved wrong).

It has clicked.

As soon as the new scene list has been tweaked, a day or two at the most, away we go.


No, not sleep – that’s already erratic enough, and does not appear to be under voluntary control. I’ll do the best I can – as usual.

What I’m giving up is writing live in any degree.


No posting weekly scenes, or keeping a version going on three different sites.

Again, that came from the GOOD time – and I’m going to pour that time into forward progress.

My thanks again for those who read along the first time – your support was invaluable as I learned how to do so many things.

But I’ve done a cost analysis, and I can’t afford it.


I’m going to do my very best to finish Book 2 this year.

That’s a HUGE statement for me, and may be an impossible commitment.

Fifteen years for Book 1, and only one for Book 2?

What is this madness?

Well, I’ve made SO many decisions up to this point, and each one was made with the trilogy in mind, that I think I have a good start – a much better start  than years ago when EVERYTHING had to be learned – and I didn’t even have a list of EVERYTHING.

I am committed, in my mind, to keep the trilogy ‘of a piece,’ since that’s the way it was conceived: ONE Book. ONE Dramatica storyform. ONE story.

NETHERWORLD is not a sequel: it is the next part of a story that fell in my lap as a single idea way back when.

That’s another reason for not wasting any more time marketing: the longer I go without writing, the more likely I will change – and the story will morph somehow I can’t even think of.

The time spent learning to publish was time well spent – in setting up the whole. I don’t want Amazon or Scrivener or Pixelmator or the Mac OS or even Word 2011 to change too much, and me have to learn all over how to do things I spent so much time on (SEVEN MONTHS! publishing, another month for print, and one for marketing, miniature as it was). This has happened before, and I can’t deal with it again.


Some. Probably not as much. Usually shorter (except for this!).

I’ll try to throw some photos up, and an occasional snippet of progress or note.

I blog because I like to – but I’ve said an awful lot about process, and the process is something I’m not going to try to expand right now, just execute as is.

But just because there isn’t much to read doesn’t mean the real work isn’t going on.

The blogging will probably pick up speed as I get nearer the end – or run into life’s roadblocks.


It will be hard to give up the conversations that developed, and I will still answer every comment I get.

IF THERE ARE QUESTIONS ABOUT BOOK  1 – ask them over on the books’ site, and I promise to answer as soon as I can, credit you for the question, and provide information others might also enjoy.

Encouragement is welcome at any time – and will continue to be forthcoming (I don’t think I could give up the social aspects of blogging if I tried).

Don’t hesitate to write.


Not going dark; just dim.

*New this time: – thanks!

8 thoughts on “Pride’s Children marketing and publishing plan for 2016

  1. Pearl Kirkby

    Good for you! Although I will miss what I never had – an ongoing back-and-forth with you – I do understand and laud you for your decision. I’ve noticed that social media takes up more time than I had heretofore anticipated; and although I do enjoy making friends with all the various authors, followers and readers, I’m far less along the road to publishing my own follow-up novel than I had hoped. The first book was my “learner”, at a whopping 72 pages (and it was just an expanded version of a college assignment!), but having learned, I now need to get busy, if I am to reach my goal of a November/December 2016 publish.

    Best of luck, take care of you and, dim or bright, I’ll continue following your progress!

    Pearl Kirkby


    1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

      Welcome, Pearl, and thanks for the Twitter boost. Twitter is on the To Do list, but not very high up.

      Thing is: if you keep working at something, time will pass, and it will get done. Otherwise, time will pass.

      It took forever to write Pride’s Children, Book 1 – but the time would have passed anyway, and I wouldn’t have it done, and the second book in production, if I hadn’t just kept working on it.

      You have to – however you work at it – not give up. Remind yourself periodically why, and why this particular book. Me, I fell in love with a story handed to me.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Pearl Kirkby

        Thank you for the advice…I tend to hand copy the words of wisdom I receive and tack them up on the wall, so that I’m surrounded by morale support. Your voice of experience has joined the collection.

        All my best…


        1. Pearl Kirkby

          😀 well, you have two months more experience than I do, then! I published “Folded Dreams – the Beginning” last December, although it was ‘born’ in 2003. Anyway, even an old fossil like me will genuflect to anyone who writes well; really good role models are scarce as hens’ teeth, no matter what age they are or how long they’ve been writing 😀


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