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You can still vote for local DEMOCRACY in MEXICO

My sister Kathy’s petition to have her local municipal government listen to and take into account its citizens in Atizapán, Mexico, stands at 139 signatures!

Thanks to all who voted with a click.

Petition pic Kathy 139But if you didn’t, thought about it at the time and wondered if it was the right thing to do, and put it aside for ‘sometime’ in the future, you can still add your vote. Continue reading


A quick and easy and FREE and FAST and tiny way to vote for DEMOCRACY in MEXICO.

Isn’t the internet wonderful? And no, I don’t make a habit of this (never have done it before).

If you know me and trust me and just want to help sign my younger sister Kathleen’s petition to the Presidente Municipal (local head of government) in the suburb of Mexico City, Mexico, where she lives, and my parents live, to LISTEN to and CONSULT with the local citizenry (yes, she’s a Mexican citizen, and no, she does not hold dual citizenship) BEFORE they make decisions which affect them, Continue reading