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Added PRINCETON’S DANCING CHILD (Mystery) to free short stories

A chance to contribute to an anthology is a gift. This story came about when the rules for the anthology required ‘a crime set in New Jersey’ – and that each of us pick a location as soon as possible, and clear it with the editor, Elaine Togneri (Sisters in Crime Central Jersey).

The Princeton Reunions weekend is special: alumni come from all over the world. Add a dash of muggy weather, art, and watching part of a movie filmed on campus, to an item from a craft’s store, and The Dancing Child gelled. The rest was attitude.

Computers – can’t live with them, can’t live without them

Progress of a sort:

By an unreasonable amount of clicking, and going back and forth to iPhoto, the basic blog is taking shape.

I have wrestled into submission: the Navigation menu, the Header photo, making Pages and ordering them, Static pages, Posts, About, and putting images in. I know all the rest of the bloggers have succeeded at the same, so it isn’t anything special, but it was still like trying to eat with chopsticks the first time.

It definitely came under the categories of ‘I can do this without asking computer-guru son’ AND ‘My brain hurts, so it must be working.’

I thank WordPress that it can be done at all. Errors are mine. It’s still pretty amazing.


Update: Posted my first free fiction: the short mystery story “Princeton’s Dancing Child,” and figured out how to upgrade the Navigation menu so the story appears in the Header. And how to use the Visual Basic and Text editors, how to paste from Word – and a host of other little editing tricks to put a story on a page that can be viewed.