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Holly’s Tiny House Dragonflys has siding

Email from Holly with pic:

Got most of one side done. Working on the other. Ordered roof today.
How are you doing? I’m back in school this week and already feeling over whelmed. But this is per usual.

Outside. Beautiful afternoon. A bit warm but having a beer.

Hope all is well.


I stopped by on my bike today, and there it was – the siding is going on, bottom to top, on the far side, too. Nothing looks like a real American house until it has siding.

The inside bamboo walls are going nicely, too – and the loft is done.

I want one – you?

Holly’s Tiny House Dragonflys is growing

Holly has had a bit of time, and I got pictures of the work that’s been done since Dragonflys was moved from Yardley, PA, to Hamilton, NJ, and is being worked on when a very busy Holly and co. have a little time.

Last Import - 100Here is a view of the front area which will be the bedroom – windows on three sides, and, to the left (where the blue tarp is) is the front entrance. Continue reading

DragonFlys construction Sunday Aug. 18 – canceled because of rain!

If you’re following Holly’s tiny house:


PLEASE CHECK HERE before showing up to help!

If there are changes to Holly’s schedule, I’ll post them here when I hear from her – please check first! We don’t want people to make a big effort and then not get a chance to work.



August 18, 2013: UPDATE

From Holly:  There won’t be any building today – everything is too wet, and there’s a 60% chance of rain. Maybe next weekend.

DragonFlys – Holly’s new home’s page

This is the beginning of a new feature: my friend Holly is building a tiny home on wheels, named DragonFlys. Until she has a bit more time, you can follow the progress here. Or click on the DragonFlys tab on the navigation bar.

Here is a picture from assembling the floor:

P1010056A previous post with pictures from the Tumbleweed workshop in Philadelphia is here. And here.

I’ll post the photos from my camera (which serves as a reminder to make sure I have a good set when I go take pictures). Holly’s wonderful little camera – living with Holly – has lots more great pictures, since that’s my job: taking pictures with her camera.

She will send me text and photos when she can, and I’ll post them here until she gets her own blog going. There is just never enough time, is there?

Tiny house – workshop report from Philadelphia

Report on the second day of the Tumbleweed Houses workshop in Philadelphia. I’m home safe – but want to write down my impressions because there was just so much STUFF to learn.

Here is Ella’s kitchen from her blog, and the ladder to the loft, and above you can just see the edge of her loft bed:

EllakitchenThanks, Ella – I wish I could see it in person. If you are intrigued, she has wonderful photos of her ‘pink room’ in the back, and the rest of her tiny house, during construction and as finished.

It is possible to see the scale of things, and imagine yourself in the picture, in a kitchen – it looks so normal, not at all cramped or tiny or tinny or trailer-like.

And yes, in spite of all the excitement, I got FOUR naps today (Sunday evening) before setting out for home – and there was such a small amount of traffic that I got home from the Wyndham Hotel a block from the Liberty Bell (old section of Philly near Penn’s Landing – 400 Arch St.) in less than FIFTY MINUTES, Continue reading

Tiny house – for a mobile writer’s retreat

I’m in Philadelphia for the weekend, attending a Tumbleweed Houses workshop. I have been looking at tiny houses (Google the term) online for a couple of years now, attracted by the idea of living in a tiny, portable house – in my opinion, much nicer than an RV – and wondering how I would learn more about them.

Providence put a workshop near enough so that I could drive – I am meant to be here, because flying out to California just to do a workshop seemed a bit much when I hadn’t even decided how seriously I was interested. Continue reading